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Europäische Grüne für EU-Verfassung
Resolution der Europäischen Grünen Partei

Resolution der Europäischen Grünen Partei zur EU-Verfassung

a. In light of the European Green Party's guidelines for the development of the European Union on a democratic and federal basis, linking people and nations;

b. Recalling that European integration is a democratic event and a factor in peace and social development unique in history, and that this integration can be an example for the construction of democratic mechanisms at a global level;

c. Stressing the active participation of ecologists in the work of the European Convention and their proposals for a deepening of democracy and of the competencies of the Union in the fields of social, tax, energy and foreign policy to contribute to sustainable development and solidarity between citizens;

d. Taking note of the work of the Convention and the Intergovernmental Conference which finally decided on the draft treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (TCE);

e. Being aware that new political will-power must be asserted in order to make the enlargement of the Union a success, so that the values and basic rights of citizens are effectively promoted, strengthened and defended within the Union and in the world;

f. Criticizing the very limited progress in improving decision-making in the field of economic and social policy;

g. Recalling its call for a European referendum, alone likely to properly contribute to a transnational debate and, failing this, its support for popular consultations organised at a national level;

h. Recalling the fact that the process of European integration is not yet complete and that further reforms will be necessary to ensure the full democratisation of EU institutions, internal cohesion and a smooth integration of new member states;

i. Acknowledging the concerns of some member parties with regard to deficiencies of the constitution which lead them to campaigning against its ratification; the Council of the European Green Party:

1. Taking the text of the draft treaty that was decided upon unanimously by the heads of government and state of the 25 Member States;

2. Supports the Green Group's resolution and accordingly:

  • considers that this TCE makes significant improvements in relation to the existing Treaties which it would replace, in particular regarding the extension of supranational parliamentary democracy and the consolidation of the aims of sustainable development, social solidarity and full employment;
  • strongly regrets the presence of the chapters concerning the policies of the Union, inserted in Part III of the project, and the maintenance of the unanimity rule in crucial political fields and the procedures to amend the Treaties;
  • underlines however that this draft treaty represents a more effective framework for policy work at a European level than the treaties in force, and stresses that it is now up to the political and social forces to lay down concrete policy guidelines that can be modified according to the majorities resulting from future national and European elections;

3. Calls accordingly for a vote in favour of the draft treaty;

4. Intends to make full use of the expanded possibilities for closer cooperation, the new articles on energy and animal welfare and the popular initiative offered by the Constitution to make progress on a wide range of issues;

5. Is convinced that in order to allow the EU to play a positive role in reaching our priority goals of social justice, ecologically sustainable development and peace, new initiatives to complete and strengthen European democracy will be necessary;

6. Welcomes the first step towards modification of the Constitution set in January 2005, when the European Parliament, on a proposal by the Greens, announced that it will make use of its future right of initiative to propose improvements in the Constitution;

7. Will instigate a European citizen's initiative with the aim of obtaining citizens support for a first amendment to the Constitution focusing on extending European democracy, creating an area of social security, justice and solidarity and giving the EU the instruments to play a role of peace in the international scene.

8. To this end, takes the firm commitment of building stable dialogue and alliances with all those social, economic forces and associations that share our goals, in order to launch the initiative to amend to the Constitutional Treaty, aimed at answering at its shortcomings;

9. Underlines the need to continue in the coming years the process of amending the treaty and in particular the articles of part III which underlines the policies of the Union but were not discussed at the time of the convention's work.

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